Crystal Aire Cap Humidifier (USES ONLY WATER)

Create a beautiful humid environment for yourself and your loved ones with the Crystal Aire Humidifier. ​The device sits easily on top of most containers that hold water. It could be a plastic water bottle that you usually throw away or a glass or ceramic jar or bottle. ​Please take note that the bottle is not included. You may use any normal 250ml bottle with a standard top that you can unscrew or any jar that has a max diameter of 5cm. Only water to be used with this product. The bottle or jar must have an open top , without clip lids or any other lid preventing the humidifier from sitting evenly on the bottle or jar. The humidifier is manufactured to fit on top of a bottle or jar as described above so it allows versatility in terms of the size of jar or bottle you can use, it is not manufactured or designed to actually screw onto the bottle.

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