Detangling Hair Brush

DETANGLING HAIR BRUSH - with a Rubber Coating Was R289 now R200 each NO MORE STRUGGLING WITH YOUR DAUGHTERS LONG HAIR AND NO MORE SCREAMING/YELLING OR CRYING ~ GENTLY DETANGLES THOSE STUBBORN KNOTS ~ Ordinary Brushes work against the hair, but when tested with Detangling Hair Brush it showed little no resistance. Reason behind this, is due to our uniquely designed plastic cone shaped bristles that uses 428 different contact points simultaneously, which dramatically reduces the number strokes needed to detangle tangled hair when compared to your ordinary hairbrush. ~ EXCELLENT FOR SCALP AND REDUCING HAIR LOSS ~ Smooth and pain-free detangling is guaranteed with our Gentle Detangling Hair Brush thanks to its smooth round plastic tip. When in contact with the scalp, the rounded tips help massage and increase circulation – thus stimulating hair growth and strengthening hair follicles to prevent hair loss. ~ CHILD FRIENDLY ~ Unlike generic hair combs or brushes, our Gentle Detangling Hair Brush doesn’t dig into the scalp, get tied up with the knots, or rip out hair. It detangles without your child screaming and yelling! Please whatsapp me on 076 396 0742

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