Perfect Craft: This inflatable Couch was made by cloth external and internal PVC nylon, it can withstand 330-440lb, meaning 2-3 people sit on it Compact and lightweight: Only 1.34kg lightweight design, can be taken anywhere at any time, no matter for travel or leisure conveniently, it's fun and easy to inflate. Simply move lightly through the air bag to create a lounge chair full size. When finished resting easily deflate the bag and roll it up to suit small carry bag Ergonomic design: It can be used as a sofa or bed. Being filled with air, it makes you feel more comfortable Place: Anywhere or anytime. Especially for camping, outdoor barbecue, beach or pool, outdoor activities, easy does it Easy to use: 1. Take out and open the bag against the wind, so that the air may be taken. 2. Repeat filling the air operation 3. To be filled to 80% of full air, seal climbed in, bind and seal, and fix it. Product specifications: Material: Nylon

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