Koh-Kae Peanuts

You can chew while relaxing at home, you can chew while at work, you can chew over a ball game, you can chew by yourself or you can chew with a group of friends – whichever way, the crunchiness of Koh-Kae is a most delicious and enjoyable activity for your mouth. Koh-Kae has been Thailand’s favorite peanut snack for over 30 years. They are Halaal R40 FOR SMALL TIN R50 FOR BIG TIN Flavours: Wasabi Chicken Chilli Nori-Wasabi Barbeque Coffee Shrimp Tomato-Yum Coconut Cream If you are outside of Johannesburg we do charge a minimal fee for delivery via courier CONTACT JOHANNA ON 081 569 1109

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