Pest Repellent Aid

PEST REPELLENT AID WAS R260 NOW R189 Description How quickly will I get the results? You are likely to get the results in the first seven days of usage. However, you may require glue boards or traps during the initial cleanup period. After you have achieved the desired results, do not un-plug the device. The overall cost for the continual use of the device is minimal, so you can use the device for longer intervals. Installation: Plug the unit into the electrical outlet in central location. If two units are required, plug the 2nd unit at the opposite end of the home. The flashing of light will indicate the unit is working properly. Suggestion for best Results: Take special care to firmly close the windows, doors of the basement and garage, as the new rodents might get out of the place before they are affected by the unit. Take special care not to expose the human, animal or pet food supplies in the open area, as it can attract rodents before they are affected by the unit. Take special care not to carry in new rodents when transferring food supplies, pet feed from the outside of the area to the area where the unit is in use. During the initial cleanup period, an increase in activity may be required. This unit will not cause any harm to the household pets, computer or electronic appliance (except gerbils, hamsters, rabbits and other rodent pets) Note: The original item may vary from the images due to continual product development. Warning: This device should not be exposed to splashing or dripping and no object filled with liquid should be placed near the device as vases. For sufficient ventilation purposes, a minimum distance of 6 inches should be left around the device. The process of ventilation should not be impeded by covering the device with furniture of items such as curtains, newspapers, couches, table-cloth, etc All the open flame sources, such as light candles, should not be kept near the unit.

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